Deprecated. You should probably look into using the Content API instead.

The push API allows real-time access to feeds defined on the web site. The API is available using either WebSockets (Socket.IO) or HTTP long poll.

WebSocket API

The WebSocket API is built on The client emits messages with a JSON payload containing an array of request parameters and a callback which will be called when a response is received. In addition, updates to subscribed feeds are pushed from server to client with the subject update.

The main entry point is Clients will be redirected to a login page unless they send a valid session cookie.

Example (client code):

var socket = io.connect('', {
  path: '/punkt/ap/',
  query: { ak: '<YOUR KEY HERE>' }

socket.on('connect', () => {
  socket.emit('getfeedmeta', [{name: '<FEED NAME HERE>'}], console.log)

  socket.on('update', console.log)


Returns structure that describes what is part of the feed.

  • name - name of feed like "mypush".


Returns feed for given name.


  • name - name of feed. "mypush".
  • from - uri to start from, all newer entries from this will be returned.


  • hits - array of hit
  • begin - boolean set to true if the returned hits are from the beginning.


Returns older feed items


  • name - name of feed. "mypush".
  • from - uri to start from
  • amount - amount of articles to get


  • hits - array of hit


Subscribes to updates to the given feed name. This command must be reissued every 30 seconds to keep getting updates. We do this to ensure that the client is driving whether we are keeping cached entries for a user. If subscribe stops, the cache can be allowed to expire.

  • name - name of feed. "mypush"


  • uri - the uri of the item to fetch

HTTP Long Poll API

All operations that are part of the WebSocket API also have corresponding HTTP endpoints:


Request parameters remain the same, and are passed as regular query parameters. In addition, you must also provide a valid API Key through the ak parameter. The response body contains a JSON payload with the same contents as with the WebSocket API.


curl "<YOUR KEY HERE>"


In addition to the above endpoints, the HTTP Long Poll API provides an endpoint for receiving updates to subscribed feeds:


New feed items are pushed from server to client as they arrive.


To subscribe to feed and receive continuous updates as new items arrive.

  1. Create a delivery channel (leveranskanal) of type “Push-API” with a specic feed name.
  2. Create an api key.
  3. “Star” some content (bevakningar) and redirect their output to the channel.
  4. Re-subscribe every 30 seconds and call update to poll for new content.
    # every 30 secs do this<YOUR FEED NAME>&ak=<YOUR KEY HERE>

    # this call "hangs" until there is content available<YOUR FEED NAME>&ak=<YOUR KEY HERE>